GDi Field Map Product

GDi Field Map is a right choice for the organizations that need a simple mapping application on Android devices. GDi Field Map can work offline, disconnected from internet. You can simply use your ArcMap to export/import data to your Android smartphone or you can decide to utilize your ArcGIS for Server or ArcGIS Online.

Useful for inspectors, maintenance engineers, natural parks and city workers or also any citizens to contribute information from the field.

GDi Field Map was designed for mapping your data in areas where internet connections are slow, unreliable and expensive and where usage of online mapping solutions is less convenient.

GDi Field Map is based on leading spatial platform, ArcGIS.  This is important as it guarantees that GDi Field Map generates sets of data that are not in proprietary formats, about to be lost in the clouds and local databases, where their further integration would be complex. Instead, ArcGIS provides a solid ground for further processing of the acquired data and numerous possibilities for business analytics and integration that brings value to the collected data.

Why to have ArcMap data on my Android device?

Customer locations, assets, equipment malfunctions, incidents, real-estates and many more spatial information can be updated in the field most effectively and provide input for accurate situation assessment and business decisions. GDi Field Map products are means to avoid delays and minimize errors while transferring data between the observations in the field and organizational registries or database. Android platform is selected as the cost-effective platform for GDi Field Map being available on a very wide range of devices, from low-price smartphones that are at-hand for use for occasional field work, to the ruggedized devices, that enables working with the GDi Field Map in more specific environment conditions.

What can I do with GDi Field Map on my Android device?

GDi Field Map users can get organization’s ArcGIS data to their Android devices. Users can add or delete geographical features, update attributes values and manage photos attachments. These operations can be done offline, while Android device is not connected to the internet. Once the connection is established, user can synchronize the data changes back to the organizations main database or ArcGIS Online subscription cloud service. The interface and operations for updating of the map features are simple and do not require expert GIS knowledge. The GIS expert is only require to configure the map, where data can be in any ArcGIS defined coordinate system – no transformations to WGS is required to get your data out of the office.

GDi Field Map Editions

GDi Field Map Server is an Android application for simple editing of your spatial data on Android phone or tablet. You can download data and send the changes back directly from the field, whenever required so. Data exchange goes via ArcGIS Online subscription services or ArcGIS For Server. Data creation and editing can be done in offline mode without internet connection.

GDi Field Map Desktop is a package that includes Android Application and ArcMap tools to export and import data to your Android. An intermediate import step allows additional preview and control of field data before updating your office database. This edition does not require ArcGIS For Server or ArcGIS Online.

A simplified, free version GDi Field Map Demo is available to get an idea how Android apps works. Download this free application from Amazon Appstore or Google PlayStore. The free version does not require any ArcGIS software or configuration. It uses preconfigured data and basemaps.

We can provide additional services for implementation of GDi Field Map. Product has been designed to be a simple, low cost, yet powerful tool for providing up-to-date and accurate information for your business decision. For customizations or integration with back-office systems, ask for our professional services team.