GDi Field Map

What is GDi Field Map

  • Simple data collection and editing solution for Android devices

  • Productively capture and edit your data in offline more,anywhere you need

  • Designed for data exchange via ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server or ArcGIS Online

  • Supports any ArcGIS coordinate system and enrich your features with images from the field

Key Benefits

  • Accurate data

    Location information is most accurate when updated right in the field.. Delays and errors are minimised when transferring data between the field and office.

  • Low implementation costs

    Edit offline for lower mobile connection costs and use affordable Android devices on your ArcGIS Platform.

  • Greater productivity in the field

    No more spending extra hours due to slow or unreliable connections, now you can edit your data offline and post it directly to your system when connection available.

  • Better business decisions

    Up-to-date and accurately collected data enable you to make better situation assessments, reporting and decisions.