GDi Field Map Demo

GDi Field Map Demo is a simplified version of GDi Field Map for demonstrational purpose. No initial configuration is required since there are three demo layers preset and several basemaps readily available for download. You should try it out to get the idea how editing and other functions are implemented in the GDi Field Map Server and Desktop edition. Desktop edition will enable you to exchange data via ArcMap, while Server edition allows you to exchange data directly from the field via ArcGIS Online subscription services or ArcGIS for Server.

System Requirements Obtain your GDi Field Map Demo now
  • Android v.2.1 or higher is recommended. Android 4.0. or higher is required when using photo attachments. If user has larger geographical areas and high amount of data then a sufficient size of memory card and fast processor are recommended.
  • Click to get your own copy of a simplified, free version of GDi Field Map which is available for demo purposes. This demo version does not require ArcGIS software or data as it does not include data exchange. It works locally on Android only, without synchronisation with ArcGIS services. To get more information about ArcGIS, please visit ESRI.

Click to get your copy of demo. If you have any questions you can contact us anytime on