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About us

GDi GISDATA ( is an innovative provider of products, platforms, professional services and solutions in the field of geoinformation and telecom industry information systems.Having started in 1989 as a geinformation applications company in its core region of central and southeastern Europe, GDi GISDATA has now local operating companies with staff of almost 200 in 13 offices.

GDi GISDATA has more than 4,000 clients, mostly in Europe, but also in Latin America and USA, and few even in Asia. GDi GISDATA bases its comprehensive effective solutions and its application specific products on technologically leading, robust, standards-compliant, market-proven technology platforms such as:

  •     ArcGIS by ESRI
  •     ArcFM by AED SICAD
  •     ERP integration, with SAP R/3, MS Dynamics Navision.
  •     Trimble, Aplicom and Falcon positioning
  •     Navteq, GeoEye,Digital Globe data and imagery.

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